Complete Perks List

Complete Perks List

Postby PaulyP » Mon Oct 22, 2012 9:48 am

Black Ops 2 multiplayer has a variety of different perks which will enable you to customise your class as before. The biggest thing about Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is that you can choose up to 6 perks however it has some limits. For example it will limit the amount of customisation you can do.

Another awesome feature in Black ops 2 is that you can choose to have no perks and have more equipment of weapon attachments, this has me drooling because i’m more an attachments guy than using perks however it’s still cool to have both this gives you the choice.

You are given 3 perks as a default but you are given a choice of wildcards which will allow you to choose and extra perk per slot which will give you a total of 6 perks.

If you use all the perks and wildcards you will only be left with one weapon attachment and no equiptment so make sure you are using what you have and test to see which best suits you.

Perk slots 1:

Lightweight: Same as Black Ops 1 – It allows you to move faster than normal and you take no damage when falling

Flak Jacket: My personal favorite when playing the flag: This allows you to take less explosive damage which when at full health will allow you to survive the blast from most explosive weapons directed at you.

Blind Eye: New! - AI-controlled air support Scorestreaks can’t detect you. Some air support Scorestreaks can be player-controlled at anytime, which means they are still able to attack you if the AI is overridden.

Hardline: Allows you to earn bonus points for each action you take, which in turn earns you Scorestreak rewards faster. For example, capturing an enemy flag gives you 200 points, but with Hardline you get 250 points.

Ghost: Ah! The new an improved Ghost! We wrote about this earlier here - Enemy UAV’s can’t detect you while moving, but if you stop, you’ll show up on the enemy radar.

Perk slots 2:

Hard wired: This perk makes you immune to enemy Counter UAV’s and EMPs, which is pretty much the same as the Assassin Pro perk from Modern Warfare 3. While the EMP doesn’t affect you, you still can’t call in Scorestreak rewards.

Scavenger: Allows you to replenish ammo and grenades from enemies that weren’t killed with explosives. Killed enemies leave Scavenger bags that can be picked up.

Cold Blooded: Makes you invisible to enemy targeting systems, which include equipment such as the Dual Band, Target Finder, Sensor Grenade, and MMS. Enemy player-controlled air support Scorestreak rewards also can’t target you normally.

Fast Hands: Allows you to swap your weapons faster than normal – equipment and grenades can also be used faster. You can also safely throw back enemy grenades.

Toughness: With this perk you flinch less when shot by the enemy.

Perk slots 3:

Dexterity: Makes you climb ladders and mantle over obstacles, such as gates, 50% faster than normal. You can also aim faster after sprinting and recover quicker from melee strikes.

Engineer: Allows you to see all enemy equipment glow red through walls. This perk also delays enemy explosives that were triggered by you. You can also booby trap Care Packages or re-roll the Care Packages content and hope that it contains something better.

Dead Silence: Makes you more silent by reducing the sound made by your footsteps, jumps, and falls.

Extreme Conditioning: Allows you to sprint 2x longer than normal, which gains you a significant field advantage.

Tactical Mask: Makes you more immune to Flash and Concussion grenades, including Shock Charges. This only reduces the effect and doesn’t mitigate them completely.

Awareness: Makes enemies at least 4x louder than normal. This allows you to hear their footsteps easier when they get closer to you.

That’s the complete list of perks for Black Ops 2
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